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What is the "Partnership-Odra"?

The "Partnership-Oder" is an informal, interregional network in which the Wielkopolska, West Pomeranian, Lower Silesian and Lubuskie provinces and the German states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony cooperate on a project basis. The goal of this cross-border initiative is to build an effective regional community that integrates the Oder region both politically and in terms of infrastructure, and to create a dynamic economic area that cooperates in as many fields as possible.

Workshop meeting in Poznan (June 2024).

The next meeting within the framework of the project “Partnership Oder: Medical Tourism Network”, will be held on June 6 and 7, 2024 in Poznan. The program will include an exchange of information with new and well-known partners, updates on the project, as well as guided tours of medical facilities, and a seminar on medical tourism. Below you will find the detailed program of the event and the registration form.

Meeting in Berlin (February 2024)

On February 1 and 2, 2024, Berlin hosted the official kick-off event for the project "Oder Partnership: Medical Tourism Network", during which the main objectives of the project, the operators on the German and Polish sides, the participating entities, and the team of experts leading the project were presented.

The first day was devoted to presentations and B2B meetings of the participants. A  uczestniczyło w sumie 51 osób, w tym 33 z Niemiec i 18 z Polski. Po części konferencyjnej odbyła się sesja 15 min. spotkań.

On the second day participants first visited the Sporthopaedicum clinic, which specializes in orthopedic procedures, followed by one of the facilities of the Helios Klinikum network. During the tour of the clinic, the clinic's offerings were presented, as well as the structure and procedures related to serving medical tourists, especially those from abroad.

The next meeting is planned for April in Poznan.

 Kick-off meeting (I.2024).

The project's first kick-off meeting, where you can learn more about the project and the organizers and meet the partners in person, will be held on February 1 and 2, 2024 in Berlin. You can register for the event until January 25 at the link:

Kick-Off-Veranstaltung / Wydarzenie inauguracyjne |   / organizers reserve the right to invite selected entities.

On the site you will also find a detailed program of the event.

General information (IX.2023 r.) 

September 2024 marked the launch of the project "Partnership Oder - Medical Tourism Network," which aims to strengthen cooperation in medical tourism between Polish and German regions along the Oder River in the first stage, and in the next stage to create the entire Oder region as a competitive medical tourism destination. Key project activities include partner visits, providing information on medical tourism, creating a new website in Polish, German, English and Arabic, social media activities, and presenting the Oder region's medical tourism offer at trade fairs relevant to the target group. To implement the defined activities, visitBerlin commissioned a Polish and German partner to work together in an official procedure. The PROTURMED Foundation of Poland and the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences of Germany were selected as partner institutions.

Udział w tym projekcie ma przyczynić się do wzrostu rozpoznawalności obiektów wellness i spa, klinik oraz szpitali na rynkach międzynarodowych. Udział w projekcie jest bezpłatny. Zaproszone są obiekty z województwa wielkopolskiego, zachodniopomorskiego, dolnośląskiego i lubuskiego oraz niemieckie kraje związkowe Berlin, Brandenburgia, Meklemburgia-Pomorze Przednie i Saksonia. Jeżeli są Państwo zainteresowani projektem, prosimy o wysłanie informacji na adres: z Fundacji Proturmed.


Polish partner institution PROTURMED

dr Anna Białk-Wolf / / tel: 513-773-548