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Fundacja Proturmed

The Proturmed Foundation has become a member of the new Science and Technology Consortium "Healthy Life"

The consortium agreement was signed on 03/09/2021 in the Termy Warmińskie during the conference entitled "Health Tourism - a real chance for Warmia and Mazury".

The establishment of a new organization is an element of preparations for the creation of a new intelligent specialization in the region called "Healthy Life". The newest specialization may be the foundation for the future development of the voivodeship towards i.a. creating a modern model for offering tourist and medical services based on European funds.

The consortium of 15 founding members is supposed to be a platform supporting regional cooperation between the sectors of science, research and development, industry, education, labor market, state services, and the organization of the socio-economic environment for the co-shaping and implementation of programs, plans and strategies at the regional, national and European levels.

The consortium was established on the initiative of the Warmia and Mazury Regional Tourist Organization which is acting as the group coordinator.

The founding members of the consortium are:

  1. University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn,
  2. Academy of Physical Education J. Piłsudzki in Warsaw,
  3. Academy of Physical Education J. Kukuczka in Katowice,
  4. European Center of Technology Innovation for Health of the Silesian University of Technology,
  5. Polish Paralympic Committee,
  6. Warmia and Mazury Regional Tourist Organization,
  7. Association of Health Resorts of Warmia and Mazury,
  8. Anders Group,
  9. Proturmed Foundation,
  10. Constance Care Rehabilitation Center,
  11. Philips Health System,
  12. Inmed Sp. z o.o.,
  13. Technomex,
  14. Mediguard S.A,
  15. Aspamet SA.

Time will show whether it is possible to harmonize these various institutions and efficiently achieve the goals set for the consortium.

Mariusz Arent i dr Anna Białk-Wolf z Fundacji Proturmed


Termy Warmińskie
Termy Warmińskie