Proturmed concept


We are a business organization supporting the internationalization of Polish medical products and services.

Our business is interdisciplinary, combining medicine with tourism, services with equipment, and business with science. 

We function both as a limited liability company and as a foundation. Read more about our team and structure in the About Us section.

In the old days, we would have been referred to as a merchant medical company, but even that would not describe the scope of our business. 


As part of our promotional activities, we are involved in promotion in foreign markets:

  • medical services (medical tourism),  
  • medical equipment,
  • natural medical products.

As part of nalytical, organizational and promotional activities, we support both Polish and foreign clients through: 

  • product and segment market analyses,  
  • scientific studies based on original research methods, 
  • creation and implementation of product internationalization strategies, 
  • program concepts for events and public presentations.
in various topics: medical, tourism, and medical equipment.

As part of activities in foreign markets:

  • we are looking for both individual customers and business partners, 
  • we represent companies, and products at international events, 
  • we organize inbound and outbound missions, 
  • We prepare marketing materials: print, video and text.